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吉林快三所有号码表格:The “Hygiene Prize 2018” awarded by the Rudolf Schülke Foundation

北京快3路线图 05.03.2018

On behalf of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation the Hygiene Prize was awarded by the chairman of the executive committee, Professor Martin Exner, MD, in Hamburg on 9 February 2018.

This year, the Rudolf-Schülke-Stiftung awarded its renowned hygiene prize of €15,000 to the research team.of Dr. Bernhard Krismer, Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Peschel and Dr. Alexander Zipperer, Interfakult?res Institut für Mikrobiologie und Infektionsmedizin Tübingen (IMIT),for their excellent and innovative work “Human commensals producing a novel antibiotic impair pathogen colonization” (Nature 2016;535:511-516).

The "Hygieia Medal 2018" awarded by the Rudolf Schülke Foundation

Along with the Hygiene Prize the Foundation awards the Hygieia Medal every two years. This medal is intended to honour those people who have devoted their lives’ work to hygiene and microbiology. This year it was awarded to Philippe Hartemann, Professor for Public Health.

Symposium of the Rudolf Schülke Foundation - 8 and 9 February 2018

Preceding the prize award and the award of the Hygieia Medal, the Rudolf Schülke Foundation organized a two-day symposium on the topic: ”Global Hygiene Strategies for Health Care facilities with special regard to chemical disinfection“.

Hygienists and microbiologists from Germany, Austria, France, India and Singapore participated in the symposium.

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Left to right: Peter Oltmanns (Board Member Rudolf Schülke Foundation), Christian Last (Managing Director schülke & mayr GmbH), Martin Exner (Chairman Rudolf Schülke Foundation), Alexander Zipperer, Bernhard Krismer, Philippe Hartemann, Frank. A. Pitten (Associate Chairman Rudolf Schülke Foundation)


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